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This blog provides commentary and analysis on economic topics including financial issues, labor economics, inflation, monetary policy, and macroeconomic & socioeconomic developments.

Anticipate Inflation Scorches.

The year of the metal rat (i.e. 2020) is clearly not the year for the Nigerian consumer. A cross-current of declining incomes and rising prices implies that there is no robust consumer out there. (read more)

Wielding the Axe on Interest Rates.

With the US Federal Reserve Bank poised to allow inflation moderately above 2%, interest rates in the US could remain low for as long as necessary to enable other economic areas in the US economy, such as the labour market, catch up. (read more)

Nigeria: How (Un)happy are You?

The use of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of economic progress has been under fire by welfare economists in recent years as they postulate that GDP figures do not capture the adverse environmental effects of economic processes. (read more)

Nigeria’s Phillips Curve:
Dead or Alive?

The Phillips curve indicates the trade-off between employment and price stability. (read more)

Viral Volatility: How Health Uncertainty is Impacting SSA Market Sentiment.

The world is reeling under the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Its devastating damage to humans, its influence over our daily interactions, and its economic consequences are all too clear. (read more)

Nigeria’s Macroeconomic Outlook.

The research division of Vetiva Capital Management Limited released its revised economic and market outlook for the 2020 fiscal year, titled “The Viral Shock”. (read more)

Africa’s Future is Plurilateral.

There’s been a paradigm shift in the global world economic order. The third wave of globalization that began in the 1970s is slowly winding down, and the coronavirus pandemic could just be the final nail on the coffin. (read more)

Interest Rates:
A Race to the Bottom? Not Quite.

The same way COVID-19 symptoms are more severe in people with pre-existing health conditions, the resulting economic crisis is equally exposing and worsening financial vulnerabilities that have built up during a decade of extremely low rates and volatility. (read more)

Coping with COVID-19:
How Businesses Can Thrive in Adversity.

The reality of the coronavirus pandemic is upon us and the outbreak is on course to upend business operations, profitability and continuity, inducing a steep recession. (read more)